It’s sometimes the season we dread most around here, but Visit Syracuse says becoming the official home of winter can really pay off.

Starting this weekend, Visit Syracuse is starting to roll out its campaign to own winter and make it an economic driver here.

November through March expectedly are some of the slowest months for tourism, with it bottoming out in January, but as many know, winter is full of opportunities, not the least of which are outdoor recreation options.

Visit Syracuse is about to launch a full court press campaign to own winter and announce to the world that Syracuse is the official home of winter. 

They say even a small increase in tourism during the winter will pay huge dividends.

“It changes people’s perceptions based on how accommodating we are in the wintertime, how livable we are in the wintertime which also changes their perceptions of how awesome we are in spring, summer and fall, not winter,” said David Holder, the president of Visit Syracuse.

It’s an all encompassing effort, like talking to the film hub here about attracting movie and TV shows to shoot their winter scenes here, and attracting conventions and conferences that happen in the wintertime.

“Like winter, we’re blanketing the markets out there because that message is so interesting to different perspectives,” Holder said.