CENTRAL SQUARE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Special Patrol Officer, Jamey Locastro, says it’s important to build relationships with students so they feel comfortable enough to talk about issues that could be happening.

Locastro has been an SPO at Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square since 2018. He said the first year was rough, so he decided to try to win the students over with “Doughnut with a Cop Fridays.”

“It was just a way to kind of humanize myself a little bit and to kind of break down the barrier between myself and the students and let them see more of the human side of me,” says Officer Locastro.

Locastro says he loves the relationship he has with the students. He cares about them so much, he wants to make sure they’re always okay.

“I want them to be able to come to me if they need something if they’re having a problem at home, they’re having a problem here at school, I want to be another trusted adult in the school,” he continues.

Gaining trust is something Locastro also focuses on.

He says, “I want to see them be successful, I want to help them start as freshmen and I like to see them right before they go out on the stage to graduate.”