Officials of Tompkins County and the City of Ithaca today unveiled the new, countywide Swift911 Mass-Notification Alert System– a system that will enable local governments to alert residents to matters of urgent importance, and also can be used by residents as an everyday tool to stay informed of non-emergency information.
The new system can send an immediate message via phone, text, email, fax, or social media.

Tompkins County Legislature Chair Michael Lane notes that acquiring the new system and taking a countywide approach to implement it is important.  

“Emergency situations and other matters of importance don’t respect municipal boundaries,” he said.  “It’s important that all residents of Tompkins County, wherever they live, are able to be contacted through the same alert system to learn critical information.  The new Swift911 system will enable us to alert our entire community, or specific areas, within Tompkins County with emergency messages and provide information on how to take action.  Our municipalities will be able to notify their populations about emergency and non-emergency situations in their home areas—all using the same system.”

The new system also addresses issues that Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick says has bothered residents for decades– odd/even parking regulations.
The City of Ithaca is going to use Swift911 to suspend enforcement of Odd/Even parking regulations this season, and they will use Swift911 to notify residents when regulations are back in effect.
The new alert system also notifies people people geographically, so that, for example, in the event of road closures or hydrant flushing in a particular neighborhood, people and businesses directly affected by that issue can be notified.  
 You can subscribe to receive these notices by registering on the Tompkins County website at or by going to on your mobile device (or text “Swift911” to 99538).  

You can either install the mobile app or enter your contact information in your web browser. 
You may also register by contacting the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response at (607) 266-2630 or email at