WAMPSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Madison County Assistant District Attorney who lost his job after an apparent drug overdose in July was under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and fentanyl, toxicology results show.

Wednesday, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office reviewed results from tests done on a blood sample taken from Bradley Moses in the hours after the incident.

The report shows amounts of “ethyl alcohol,” “cannabinoids,” and “fentanyl” in his body when the blood was taken.

Investigators say Moses and a friend thought they snorted cocaine, but instead, the fentanyl made them unconscious and required a call to 911.

First responders used multiple doses of Narcan to revive the men.

Audio from a portion of the medical emergency was obtained by NewsChannel 9 after it was recorded on a voicemail system when Moses “pocket dialed” Cazenovia Village Court during the incident.

The incident happened at Moses’ lake house on Tuscarora Road in the Town of Eaton, where the group went after admittedly drinking and doing marijuana at a golf tournament.

Moses resigned from his job as a prosecutor at the Madison County District Attorney’s Office. He’s no longer actively working but is being paid until his family leave expires.

Moses is still actively campaigning as the uncontested candidate for Madison County Court Judge. A statement about the incident has been removed from his campaign website and replaced with more traditional campaign materials.

The Madison County Republican Committee has rescinded its endorsement of Moses and has nominated Rhonda Youngs instead. Because the ballots are set, a vote for Youngs or any other candidate has to be cast by write-in.

The Onondaga County Health Department provides toxicology services for the region.