CENTRAL SQUARE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Over the weekend some mobile homes were destroyed in a fire in Central Square. It was just one of 22 calls firefighters there responded to from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning. Normally, they respond to three to five a day.

“With that kind of call volume, it does put a bit of strain on everybody, said Christopher Casteline, the Central Square Fire Company #1. “We could use more volunteers obviously.”

McKenzie Fabianek is already a volunteer firefighter but just moved to the area and stopped by to fill out an application to serve in Central Square.

“It’s been in my blood for three generations now,” Fabianek said. “My brother was a firefighter, my dad was a firefighter. So it was just important for me when I moved up here to keep doing it.”

Volunteers don’t just go into burning buildings.

“Some people don’t like to do that. Some people may be able to help us administratively or maybe just on the outside by changing air bottles on the packs. Some may want to do EMS, checking people out.” Casteline said.

It’s not just Central Square in need of help. Departments across the region could also use help from volunteers.

“Go to the local fire department, take an application and sign up to help volunteer in your community,” Casteline said.

Oswego County Fire Coordinate Shane Laws said fire departments across the county were busy over the weekend. There were a total of 571 calls in a 48-hour window, from midnight Saturday, November 5 to midnight Monday, November 7.

Of those calls, Laws said 182 were fire and EMS calls.