JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Monday, November 14, a deer crashed through a window at Wells Nursing Home in Johnstown. According to Administrator Neal Van Slyke, the deer spent about 10 minutes inside and then crashed through another window on its way out.

There are no reported injuries to any residents or staff, only property damage caused within the home.

Johnstown Police were called, as well as Fulton County Emergency Management, who arrived on the scene just minutes before the deer ran off. Staff reportedly confined the deer to one area, preventing more damage and possible injury.

NEWS10 has acquired a video of the deer inside the physical therapy room. The deer then busted back out through a different window. You can watch the video in the player above.

The video was taken by worker Bill Betts, who filmed safely from another room. You can hear Betts narrating the situation and even yelling out to a coworker who did not know what was happening on the other side of the door.

Two days later, Betts said everything is back to business as usual. The windows are boarded up, but they should be fixed within the next several days. All other equipment in the building is fine, said Van Slyke.