With 12 days until Election Day, a few viewers have been contacting us with questions or confusion about their voter registration. 

One viewer contacted the Your Stories team, saying she received a promotional postcard from a candidate, and it was addressed to “absentee voter.” 

Gail writes: 

“(I’m) outraged because not only did my petition for absentee voter services cause my identity to be hijacked, but, my travel plans and the vulnerability of my vacant home have been revealed.” 

The Onondaga County Board of Elections Commissioner says everyone has access to this kind of information that Gail is worried about. 

“The only thing that is anonymous about the voting process is who you actually vote for. Your name, your address, your party registration, whether you vote or not, how you vote, whether absentee or not is a matter of public records,” said Dustin Czarny, Board of Elections Commissioner. 

The commissioner says that campaigns routinely request names and addresses so they can send advertisements in the mail. 

For other questions on the voting process, head over to the county’s Board of Elections website.