When do the first frosts and snow occur on average in Syracuse?

No signs of widespread frost or snow in the near future...

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - No frost for most, and no snow for anyone just yet in CNY...

For the most part, it does NOT look like any frost or snow will be occurring through the week after Columbus Day, but is that normal in Syracuse?

The average first frost occurs in Syracuse around the 13th of October, while the first average measurable snowfall doesn't occur until November 5th.

The average date that the first inch of snow falls in Syracuse is November 15th. The latest first frost recorded in Syracuse, temperature dropping to or below 32°, is November 12th! 

The earliest first measurable snow of a tenth of an inch occurred on October 1st, 1946! Yes, that date passed several days ago.

We shall see if frost and snow arrive on time or late this year...

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