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The town of Lysander in Onondaga County and the town of Ellisburg in Jefferson County are included in the 120th State Assembly District.

The City of Oswego and the towns of Albion, Amboy, Boylston, Constantia, Fulton, Granby, Hastings, Mexico, New Haven, Orwell, Palermo, Parish, Redfield, Richland, Sandy Creek, Schroeppel, Scriba, West Monroe, and Williamstown in Oswego County are also in the district.

Voter Snapshot
Voter Registration as of February 1, 2020
Meet the Candidates
Gail Tosh (D)
Gail Tosh


Age: 52

Family Life: She and her wife married three years, two children

She has not held elective office, but made two previous attempts at Lysander Town Board, and ran against Barclay and lost in the last election for this seat in 2018.

Tosh says she’s a chicken farmer, and an educator in the Westhill School District.

She’s a member of the National Organization of Women.


Why Vote For Tosh?

I am in the majority, (Democrats control the Assembly) meaning I will have a say in how the resources of our state are allocated.

Our existential health crisis needs to be reversed and I have plans to connect health care professionals with patients in need.

Our unemployment rate needs to go down and my plans to bring renewable energy jobs to the district will make that happen.

We need universal broadband to be treated as a utility, serving everyone.

William Barclay (R, C, I)
William Barclay


Age: 51

Family Life: Barclay is the eight generation of his family to live in Pulaski. He and his wife have raised two children there.

He is also an attorney in private practice, in the Barclay Damon law firm.

Prior to his election he served on numerous community boards, including the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, The Everson Museum, SUNY Oswego College Council, and the Pulaski Health Center.


Why Vote For Barclay?

I will continue to focus on constituent services and on fighting for Central New York. For example, at the outbreak of the COVID pandemic my office and I worked to successfully secure unemployment benefits for hundreds of constituents who were out of work due to COVID. I can proudly say that my office is second to none when it comes to helping the people of the 120th Assembly district whether its cutting through Albany bureaucracy to solve a specific matter or by introducing and passing legislation that benefits all central New Yorkers.

I will work towards economic recovery in response to COVID-19. In response to the economic shutdown caused by COVID-19, I introduced legislation called the Small Business Emergency Recovery Act (A.10266). The Act would immediately direct the state’s undesignated settlement reserve fund, currently at $1.3 billion, to small businesses through a 0% interest loan program; repurpose available tax credits to help existing small businesses; use all economic development discretionary funding for home-grown companies, and temporarily suspend all regulatory fees on small businesses. I will continue to advocate for this legislation and other measures to get our economy back up and running.

I will work to ensure New York has plans in place to protect its most vulnerable residents during a pandemic. We may never know how many of the 6,500 nursing home deaths might have been prevented if the governor and Department of Health had a plan in place to ensure infected patients were not placed with healthy residents.

I will work to take action to stop the surge of violent crime in New York State. The murder rate is up 39% in Syracuse, 1200% in Albany, and 39.8% in New York City. Shootings victim statistics have drastically increased by 255% in Albany and 98.7% in New York City. The 2019 Bail Reforms and recent decisions by the Parole Board have made our communities more dangerous. Judicial discretion must be returned to the bail process. I will work to repeal the bail reforms and advocate for parole reforms to keep violent criminals of the street.

I will advocate for Budget Transparency in New York. Budget being concocted behind closed doors, riddled with bad non-budget related public policies, and passed under the cover of darkness are the reason why the State was facing a nearly $7 billion deficit prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in NY and that number continues to grow today. Elected representatives from all regions of the state must be part of the budget process. All Budget Bills should be printed, properly aged, and debated during the daylight hours, to ensure an open process.

Election History

Republican incumbent William Barclay was first elected to the Assembly in 2002. In 2020, he was elected Minority Leader after Brian Kolb stepped down following a DWI arrest. This year's race is a rematch between Barclay and Democratic challenger Gail Tosh. Barclay won with 68.6% of the vote in 2018.

William Barclay won the 2018 election with 68.6% of the vote.
Gail Tosh lost the 2018 election with 31.4% of the vote.