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This district includes Cicero, Clay, Fabius, Manlius, Pompey, and Tully.

Voter Snapshot
Voter Registration as of February 1, 2020
Meet the candidates
Al Stirpe (D, WF)
Al Stirpe


Age: 67

Family Life: Married 25 years to wife Chele, and they have three children.

With the exception of 2010 to 2012, Stirpe has been a legislator since 2006. Upon being elected, he resigned from all of associated nonprofit organizations in order to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Was vice president of Familycapped (now known as Advocates, Inc.), a member of the State Fair Advisory Board, a member of the North Syracuse/Liverpool Lions Club, and a member of the Friends of North Syracuse Early Education.

Continues to conduct CNY’s largest blood drive (LifeSavers Annual Blood Drive, 14 years and running) and an annual Electronics Recycling Event (8 years running, 2019 was the state’s largest).


Why Vote For Stirpe?

I’ve been working hard for you in the Assembly to protect our environment, promote our schools, and create good-paying jobs in our community.

As chairman of the small business committee, I’ve worked to help local small businesses in our community and across the state. And I’ve written and passed several new laws to make it easier for local businesses to succeed and grow.

In recent months, I’ve focused on helping to pull our entire community through this pandemic. This is an unprecedented and challenging time for all of us, and I’m here to help.

Since March, I’ve connected more than 600 Central New York families with unemployment and pandemic assistance.

I’ve also stood up for the small businesses hurt by the pandemic, pushing to safely open dental offices and gyms.

To ensure the safety of workers and customers, I teamed up with CenterState CEO to distribute gloves, masks, and face shields to small businesses.

Local businesses and nonprofits are struggling to make ends meet, which is why I also wrote the law that’s now allowing the Onondaga Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to issue emergency loans and grants to these organizations.

I also passed legislation that provides free COVID-19 testing for all New Yorkers and extends sick leave and other benefits to ensure all workers who are sick can afford to remain home.

Mark Vanesky (R, C, I)
Mark Vanesky


Age: 64

Family Life: Married to wife, MaryEllen. They have 2 children and 10 grandchildren.

Was Town of Cicero Supervisor for 4 years and a member of the town board for 2 years. Is also a member of the Free Masons.


Why Vote For Vanesky?

•Agriculture: Supporting farmers and their economic needs to stimulate this important industry in New York

•Business and Economic Development: Eliminate state mandates and regulations that stifle business development and hamper economic success.

•Seniors and Veterans: Coordinate state funding and efforts to ensure seniors and veterans, as well as their families, are supported.

•Public Safety: Support and lift up law enforcement to ensure they have the tools and equipment to keep our communities safe.

•Government Reform: Establishing term limits to not only prevent career politicians from taking advantage of the power of the office, but to continually allow new voices to be heard at the state level.

•Mandate Relief: Stop unfunded mandates.

Election History

Incumbent, Al Stirpe (D, WFP) was first elected in 2006 but lost a close race to Donald Miller (R) in 2010. Stirpe regained and has held the seat since 2012.

Al Stirpe won 58% of the vote in the 2018 election.
Stirpe's Republican opponent Nicholas Paro lost the 2018 election by 16% of the vote.