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Wayne County ✮ Part of Cayuga County ✮ Part of Oswego County

This district includes the towns of Cato, Conquest, Ira, Sterling, and Victory in Cayuga County.

Aurelius, Brutus, Mentz, Montezuma, Sennet and the towns of Hannibal, Minetto, and Oswego in Oswego County are also included in the 130th Assembly District.

Voter Snapshot
Voter Registration as of February 1, 2020
Meet the Candidates
Scott Comegys (D, SAM)
Scott Comegys


Age: 48

Family Life: Lives in Palmyra with wife, Bethany and two of three children

Comegys is an Alpaca farmer and a member of Citizens Response Network of Wayne County, Wayne Action for Racial Equality, and Concerned Citizens of Wayne County.


Why Vote For Comegys?

We need an effective voice in the Assembly who can work collaboratively with the Majority to deliver resources and include the upstate rural perspective in the work that NYS does to move forward.

Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in our budget and tax system and implement new revenue generation to make up the shortfalls we are experiencing.

Invest in infrastructure, particularly broadband communications, renewable energy, and resiliency measures along lakes and streams to revitalize villages, cities, and towns and recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather hardships

Create an affordable, sustainable program to provide for basic healthcare for everyone

Fully fund and improve Public Education to empower People

Enact fair election reforms to return the focus to better serving the People

Reinvigorate agriculture and ecotourism as economic drivers for both rural and urban communities

Brian Manktelow (R, C, I)
Brian Manktelow


Age: 57

Family Life: Married to wife Crystal. The couple has four children and two great grandchildren.

Prior to being elected to the Assembly, ran a family farm in Lyons for 30 years.

Previous political experience includes serving as Lyons Town Supervisor for 9 years, served as vice chair on Wayne County's Board of Supervisors, served as Lyons Councilor for 5 years.

Also an Army Veteran and currently involved with several community organizations such as the Williamson American Legion Post 394, Newark Rotary Lyons Elk Lodge 869, New York State Farm Bureau, Wayne County, New York State Grange, Wayne County New York State Corn and Soybean Growers Association, and Wayne County Cooperative Extension.


Why Vote For Manktelow?

First and foremost, securing a stable and reliable broadband internet connection for all of my constituents. Access to the internet is the future for almost everything in our society from social interaction to professional relationship building, virtual learning, and telehealth. It’s essential that everyone has modern internet access and I will continue the fight for our path into tomorrow.

Two of our core values are compassion and generosity and supporting those of us who suffer from mental disabilities or learning disorders is something that is tragically overlooked by many politicians and lawmakers. Creating a strong and robust support network for these brave individuals is one of the most compassionate and loving things we can do to make their lives easier and give them as many opportunities as possible.

One of the most productive and meaningful bills that we have in our committee is the bill that would Upgrade the Division of Veterans Affairs to an official state department, led by a director who would be a cabinet-level official. This department would have the increased ability to coordinate veteran programs for over 900,000 New York State Veterans.

Giving our farmers the latitude that they need to operate and reducing State red-tape will allow for our agricultural sector to grow in our area. This coupled with working with many agencies, public and private will help direct much-needed funds to help promote sustainable agriculture on farms both big and small as well as new startup operations

As we move into 2021, our state finances are in disarray. We need to take a hard look at spending and really what's working and what's not. If our state wants to continue with social programs and the funding that it takes to support them, we must have a robust economy that will allow our businesses to grow and offer new jobs. As I work in Albany and as I work for you, my job is to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pockets and also ensuring that the state doesn’t invade your wallets. This is a firm belief of mine and I will continue to bring that conviction with me every day that I serve you. My paycheck comes from you, the taxpayers of New York. I am your employee and you are my boss, I will never forget that.

Election History

Brian Manktelow (R, C, I) is the incumbent seeking his second 2-year term. The 2020 election is a rematch of the race in 2018 that Manktelow won by nearly a 2-to-1 margin. Manktelow succeeded Bob Oaks (R) who retired after 28 years in the Assembly.

Manktelow won the 2018 election with 66.6% of the vote.
Comegys lost to Manktelow in the 2018 election with 33.4% of the vote.