(WSYR-TV) — Republican Claudia Tenney will be certified as the winner in New York State’s 22nd Congressional District race, defeating Democrat Anthony Brindisi, the ruling coming from State Supreme Court Judge Scott DelConte Friday afternoon.

DelConte ruled that Oneida County should certify its vote, which makes Tenney the winner by 109 votes.

Earlier this week, the Brindisi campaign requested a “stay,” arguing that a partial to full recount needed to be done before certification.

The judge agreed to the “stay” on the certification, which prompted Friday’s hearing.

All other counties had already been allowed to certify.

According to the judge, certification of this vote does not prevent Brindisi from appealing the ruling to a higher court or the House of Representatives.

Tenney released the following statement on Friday afternoon:

“I’m honored to have won this race. It was a hard-fought campaign and I thank Anthony Brindisi for his service. Now that every legal vote has been counted, it’s time for the results to be certified. The voters need a voice in Congress, and I look forward to getting to work on behalf of New York’s 22nd Congressional District.”  

Brindisi for Congress released the following statement on Friday afternoon:

“I am shocked and surprised by this decision because of the countless errors and discrepancies that have occurred throughout this initial count. I believe a full audit and hand recount is the only way to resolve this race. With the margin so thin, the ever-changing tally, and the countless errors that have occurred arriving at today’s final number we can’t afford to wonder here. We have to get it right. Because this is not a raffle, this is a congressional election. The law that took effect on Jan. 1 says we should abide by hand counts whenever the margin is 0.5% or less— it’s even closer right now. Let’s follow that rule, get this right for our constituents, and count all the 325,000-plus votes. It’s shocking, right now, no one knows who actually won this race. My opponent and I deserve true clarity.”

Brindisi for Congress also said that Brindisi “remains committed to ensuring an accurate result to the contest.”

NewsChannel 9 interviewed Tenney on Friday night. You can watch that full interview below: