SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – It’s time to make your voice heard. Get out and vote Tuesday. Polls are open until 9 p.m.

A few reminders if you plan to vote in person:

  • You must cast your ballot at your assigned polling place
  • If you’ve requested and already submitted your absentee ballot, you cannot vote in person on Election Day
  • If you’re voting via absentee ballot but have not returned it yet, the only way you can vote in person is by affidavit ballot at your designed polling site
  • If you’re wearing a political message, you can cast your ballot but you will be asked to leave the polling place ASAP
  • If you’re wearing a candidate’s name, you’ll have to cover it up or take it off before you cast your ballot
  • Masks are not required to vote this year

How do I check my voter registration status?

If you don’t know if you’re registered to vote, click here to view your voter registration status.

All you have to do is fill out your name, date of birth, zip code, and county in which you live.

Once you fill out the information, it will tell you where your poll site is, voter registration status, and absentee ballot tracker.

If you suspect fraud; New York Attorney General’s Election Hotline

If you feel that you have a problem during voting, there is a hotline to help resolve the issue. Call (866) 390-2992 or submit an online form by clicking here.

Below is a breakdown of early voting numbers obtained by NewsChannel 9. Please note: all information is from each county’s Board of Elections.


  • Total early voters: 31,961
  • Absentee ballots received (as of November 7): 10,320
  • Total affidavit ballots received: 293

According to Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner, Dustin Czarny, turnout for early voting in 2022 is approximately 53% of early voting turnout in 2020, but that was a presidential election year versus a midterm election.

“We’ve never had early voting during a midterm, so there’s nothing to really compare it to, but it’s quadruple what we normally get in an odd year, so I’m feeling really good about it.”


Republican Onondaga County Board of Elections Commissioner, Michele Sardo, believes early voting is supported more by the democratic party, but she says other parties are starting to take advantage of early voting, especially based on the turnout this year.

“More democrats showed up, which democrats are very much in support of early voting, but I think everybody else is starting to utilize early voting. I think it was a good turnout.”



  • Total early voters: 8,680
  • Democratic Party: 3,736
  • Republican Party: 3083
  • Conservative Party: 97
  • Working Families Party: 19
  • Other/Blank: 1,745


  • Total early voters: 7,171
  • Democratic Party: 5,503
  • Blank: 885
  • Republican Party: 690
  • Independent Party: 101
  • Working Families Party: 37
  • Green Party: 20
  • Other: 12
  • Conservative Party: 9
  • Libertarian Party: 3
  • Serve America Movement Party: 1


  • Total early voters: 4,775
  • Democratic Party: 2,152
  • Republican Party: 1,589
  • Conservative Party: 145
  • Working Families Party: 12


  • Total early voters: 3,480
  • Republican Party: 1,424
  • Democratic Party: 1,255
  • Northern Ontario Party: 604
  • Independent Party: 113
  • Conservative Party: 62
  • Working Families Party: 9
  • Libertarian: 5
  • Green Party: 2


  • Total early voters: 2,169
  • Requests for absentee ballot: 2,189
  • 2019 early voter turnout (first year): 636
  • 2020 early voter turnout (presidential year): 6,357
  • 2021 early voter turnout: 618


  • Total early voters: 1,344
  • October 29: 184
  • October 30: 124
  • October 31: 1,145
  • November 1: 127
  • November 2: 145            
  • November 3: 157
  • November 4: 161
  • November 5: 130
  • November 6: 171

Polls are open and will close at 9:00 p.m.