WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSYR-TV) — Just like all of Congress, Central New York’s four elected representatives were divided in their votes to authorize the ongoing impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Freshman Congressman Anthony Brindisi, one of the few remaining Democrats not already supporting impeachment, voted in favor of the resolution.

Representatives John Katko, Tom Reed and Elise Stefanik, all Republicans, voted against the resolution.

Brindisi’s spokesperson points out this wasn’t a vote on impeachment, it’s a vote on the process.

In a statement to NewsChannel 9, Brindisi says:

“The bottom-line here is that the already-in-process investigation is moving along and delivering more questions than answers on both sides of the aisle. Since the investigation began, Democrats and Republicans in charge have failed to effectively come together in a constructive way that delivers what the public deserves: straight facts. My constituents want to judge things for themselves, and I support them. They want more information and public testimony. The only way to ensure this actually happens is to take the investigation into the public arena and shine a much-needed bright light. Doing so will allow both parties to finally call witnesses, the White House to rightfully be involved, and others to publicly respond to testimony heard in the wide open. Fair and open hearings will finally let Americans judge for themselves and –right now—I could not agree more. I want to judge for myself. We all do.”

In a statement to NewsChannel 9, Congressman Katko says:

“Impeachment must clear a very high bar to be justifiable. The facts of the investigation, its timing, and its methodology do not clear that bar. We are less than a year away from a Presidential election where every American – not just a select few in Congress – will have a chance to render their judgment of the President. Congress should finally, at long last, get to work on the many pressing issues that the American people elected us to handle rather than burning through the remaining time we have to legislate before the next election. We should be focused on creating jobs, growing the economy, getting healthcare costs in check and providing a strong national defense. Instead, Nancy Pelosi has decided to turn a blind eye on the economy and a host of other issues to pursue impeachment less than a year before the Presidential election.”