(WSYR-TV) — New York’s 24th District Representative John Katko took the oath of office for the 4th time Sunday as the 117th Congress was sworn in.

Although a long-time member, he’ll be working with some new faces in Washington D.C. “It’s going to be a very big force. There’s going to be a small majority of Democrats in the House and there’s going to be 25 Democrats and 25 Republicans from last term plus many others joining us this term, so we’re going to be a very potent force and, as a voting block, we can make a difference in an awful lot of votes,” commented Katko.

He’s hoping this Congress can help bring some positive changes and hope to the American people during the pandemic. “The sooner we can get them vaccinated, the better. That’s why this last relief package we just passed is so important. It provides billions of dollars in funding to get those vaccinations to the frontlines as quickly as possible and that’s really important,” said Katko.

Compromise is the key to success said Katko. “Both sides have got to compromise. If both sides want something they ought to get together in the Senate and compromise because that’s when the rubber is going to hit the road and I hope they do so.”