SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Winners of Tuesday’s primary for governor should be known before people go to bed Tuesday night, unlike previous close elections that keep voters waiting days for results.

A recent change in election law has moved the counting of absentee ballots from after election day to before.

Tuesday night, almost immediately after the polls close at 9pm, the Onondaga County Board of Elections will release the results of 2,164 absentee ballots.

In past years, races with margins tighter than outstanding absentees were undecided for days or weeks.

The old law called for absentees to be counted about a week after election day, when the final ballots tricked in. Campaigns would send representatives to watch Board of Elections staff members open the ballots in rooms of tables set up.

The 2,164 ballots have been returned before Monday, individually scanned, but not yet tallied. The computer will generate the results when the time allows it.

Ballots returned Monday, Tuesday and that trickle in with the appropriate post mark will be counted on July 6. Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny expects the number to be minimal. Right now, it’s around 250 ballots.

Results from early voting, used for the third year in a primary, will also be released not long after 9pm.

Polls predict Governor Kathy Hochul will win the Democratic nomination. Republicans have a closer race, as Congressman Lee Zeldin tries to hold off his gaining competitors.