SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Fourth of July weekend often times means fireworks celebrations, whether they are legal or not.

It is an issue that Patty Ferrington says has been more frequent over the past few years.

“We’ve lived here 38 years, and my experience the last few years has been that it’s gotten worse,” she said, “It’s gotten louder. It’s inundated the house here, it’s gone over the roof.”

Which is why a brand new billboard for Phantom Fireworks, a store in Pennsylvania, frustrates her even more.

“I want to understand better how that was allowed when those kinds of fireworks that (company sells are illegal.) Maybe they do sell Snappers and Poppers, but I don’t think that sign was put up to sell Snappers, Poppers or Sparklers.”

The billboard itself is hard to miss if you are driving down South Ave, and is right on the corner of South Ave and Glenwood Ave.

“I was driving down the hill. I was on my way to an appointment … I saw the sign first. I saw the phantom, like this ghostly presence, like phantom fireworks.”

While Ferrington wishes the sign could be removed, State Police say that as long as the business is selling those fireworks legally where they are owned and operated, they are within their rights to advertise.

However, once those fireworks cross over state lines, there can become an issue. Lt. Matt Malinowski says that when it comes to dealing with illegal fireworks, the Syracuse Police Department is well prepared.

“We go to the location where people tell us that the fireworks are, and we try to address it mainly those two ways,” he says, “And then there can be some shorter term investigations if we know where illegal fireworks are being bought and sold.”

Lt. Malinowski understands the significant burden these illegal fireworks can have on the community.

“The noise affects not only the residents with some level of annoyance,” Malinowski said, “You have to talk about pets, people with PDSD, veterans. So again, it’s not an act that it’s simply just impacting you. It’s impacting everyone.”