FULTON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The smell of chocolate has long left the City of Fulton, but the ruins of what was the Nestle factory still sits as a sad reminder of the jobs and families that were forced away.

In recent weeks, people passing by have seen the sweet sight of work underway as the property is cleared and transformed.

Fulton Mayor Deana Michaels tells NewsChannel 9’s Andrew Donovan about the projects underway.

Out front, the building at the corner of Fourth Street and Fay Street is the last of the original building of the Nestle factory. It’s been purchased by a developer to become apartments, retail and office space.

The old factory parking lot, on Fay Street, will become a Spectrum cable facility.

Michaels says, “This is a place where their service team will pick up and drop of the equipment that they need. It wont be open to the public, but we’ll have a lot of new traffic there.”

Another remaining building will eventually be demolished, as the field of empty space gets larger.

It will be divided up into many projects, with some yet to be determined.

One part has been sold to the Oswego County Industrial Development Agency, to help small manufacturing companies get started.

Another part is being proposed for an indoor recreational facility, focusing on soccer. It will include other sports and maybe an indoor farmer’s market, if the idea comes to fruition.

Renovations at the old Nestle site is part of the application that won the city $10 million in state money, awarded last year.

Another state grant is helping continue a basic clean up of the area.

Mayor Michaels says, “I want the citizens, those who live here, who work here, or visit here, I want them to know this is a priority project. We are going to see this property move forward.”

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