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A once busy restaurant on Syracuse’s north side has been empty and falling apart for more than 10 years, creating an eyesore in an otherwise well-kept neighborhood. A couple that lives across the street from the Old Corner House Restaurant called the NewsChannel 9 Your Stories line. Farah Jadran took their concerns straight to City Hall.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Lawns mowed. No trash in site. Hanging flower baskets. A nice looking north side Syracuse neighborhood until you get to the Old Corner House Restaurant.

“It’s just very disheartening. It looks terrible. It’s embarrassing,” said MaryBeth Crite.

Across the street from MaryBeth and Stewart Crite’s home is the Old Corner House Restaurant on Grant Boulevard and Darlington Road. At a glance, it’s seen better days, but it’s not just the broken windows and trash. The Crites see people loitering, dumping garbage in the parking lot and, at times, using it as a bathroom.

“I would love actually to see, again, it must have been purchased, maybe the owner will turn it into something viable, maybe another restaurant or even if they want to do like a community center,” MaryBeth Crite said.

NewsChannel 9 turned to City Hall, where the business development team says they’re working on it.

“Is this administration looking to not let things sit for five, 10 years like some of these properties are? Like this one that we’re talking about?” Farah Jadran asked.

“Sure,” said Eric Ennis, Syracuse Director of Business Development. “Where we think we’ve seen properties that have been vacant for quite some time. We’re looking at coming up with creative and innovative ways to reuse those properties. As the retail landscape continues to shift, we, as a city and as a community, have to find better uses for those kinds of properties.”

It turns out that the owners are behind on city, school and county taxes. The city wants those current and they share the Crites’ vision in the building becoming part of the neighborhood again.

“I think it would be nice if a little bit more maintenance no. They don’t mow the grass on a regular basis,” Stewart Crite said.

“A fresh coat of paint, maybe something lighter and brighter,” added MaryBeth Crite.

The goal is to get this rundown restaurant and several other vacant commercial and retail spots back in business.

The property owner has a mailing address on file with the city and the Your Stories team has set them a few letters to see what their plans are for the location. We are waiting to hear back.

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