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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Peter Coleman has lived on Tipperary Hill his entire life, but it took a new Byrne Dairy in the neighborhood to renew his motivation.

Coleman tells NewsChannel 9, “If they think this is a good corner, I always did), and they want to invest that kind of money, it would be crazy for me not to follow up and enhance and play off of that.”

It’s the inspiration for Coleman and his sons to redevelop the old Rosie’s Sports Bar, across the street from the new Byrne Dairy.

Last August, Coleman made what he calls a hard decision to shut it down.

Coleman feared it was becoming a liability.

He says, “You really have to run a tight ship and it was kind of going the other way with that. So I said, ‘Let’s just start all over again.’ It was a tough decision.”

Now, Coleman and his sons are looking at options for what to do next. It may or may not be a restaurant, but they hope to make a decision sometime this summer.

Coleman says, “They want to do a unique restaurant at the gateway to Tipperary Hill. just what that is, I’m not absolutely sure. Rest assured – the property and the business will be a compliment to the city.”

Coleman says the name “Rosie’s” will no longer be used.

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