CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — An electronic glitch in a sign outside the Byrne Dairy on South Bay Road is causing confusion for people looking to fill their gas tanks.

Tuesday night, the sign read $6.10 per gallon for members and $6.20 for non-members.

A spokesperson for the company told NewsChannel 9 Wednesday the price wasn’t correct. He explains the computerized sign froze after the gas prices were adjusted to reflect the new state and county tax suspensions.

The sign was powered off Wednesday morning until the technology can be fixed.

The incorrect gas price for the store is also posted on the GasBuddy website, which updates its prices based on what customers submit, some of whom just read the sign.

While it was still on, drivers noticed the price on the sign and on GasBuddy and emailed the NewsChannel 9 Your Stories team asking if the store was price gouging.

A NewsChannel 9 crew says prices posted on the pumps, which calculates what people pay, matched other Byrne Dairy stores: $4.67 per gallon.