TOWN OF VOLNEY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer visited the old Attis Biofuels Ethanol Plant Tuesday to demand the owners who vacated the property help clean up the burning mess left behind.

Smoke, billowing from one of the silos left partially filled with corn kernels, is causing the smell of burning coffee or burning trash to overtake the air.

People who live in the area have been asking for help for weeks. The fire started late last year but broke through the silo roof in June.

Greg Lafrete, who lives nearby, said: “On the days when it’s heavy in the air, you can’t go enjoy your property. You can’t enjoy your backyard. You can smell it across the river, throughout the city. It’s oppressive at times.”

Schumer hopes the EPA tracks down the company’s owner and investigates if any clean air laws are being violated.

State DEC monitoring deems the smell safe to breathe, so far. Schumer is asking for the monitoring to continue.

Fulton Fire Chief Adam Howard tells NewsChannel 9 that he and the Volney Volunteer Fire Company have a plan to extinguish the fire, but they need permission from the owners. Unless it’s an emergency threatening the public, he says sending firefighters in is too risky.

Schumer calls the company’s CEO “a very elusive character” and hadn’t been able to connect with him by the time of his visit.