SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Gas prices are painfully high, but not nearly as painful as what we were paying one month ago.

According to AAA, prices have fallen nearly $.30 a gallon in one month.

How low could we go?

GasBuddy’s lead petroleum analyst, Patrick De Haan, thinks Syracuse area prices could drop another $.25 to $.40 cents a gallon over the next three to four weeks. That means we could be paying about $4.25 a gallon come mid-August.

De Haan said many gas stations still need to drop prices to catch up to falling wholesale fuel prices. He said that that’s a gradual process.

As always, De Haan’s predictions come with a warning. He said the gasoline industry is a volatile one. Right now the fears of a recession are fueling a dip in pump prices. De Haan said if a better economic picture emerges this week, that could bring prices back up.

He also said prime hurricane season is around the corner. If a storm forces a refinery to shut down, that could send prices surging.

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