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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — If you find a tag on your door from DocuPet — it means you either have a dog that needs to be licensed or the license is expired. 

DocuPet started its partnership with Syracuse last fall in a collective effort to increase the number of dogs licensed in the city. DocuPet estimates there are about 20,000 dogs in the city, but only 13 percent are licensed. 

Staff are going door to door in different sections of Syracuse to spread the word. There are options to license by one- or three-year terms or you may be stuck with paying a fine.

Some funds collected go to animal welfare. In Syracuse, the city donates $1 to a statewide spay and neuter effort for low-income pet owners.

“We aim to bridge the gap between the 13% of people who license their pets and the 100% of people we think should and making sure there’s lots of value for pet owners,” said Grant Goodwin, DocuPet CEO.

Goodwin says when the team canvases a neighborhood, they find that they can increase pet licensing dramatically and in Syracuse, more than tripling the number of licenses they have been selling each month. 

“The last month and a half on average, just with people being aware and finding out what they need to do and hopefully telling their neighbors when they do it too,” Goodwin said.

DocuPet wants dog owners to know there is more to the tag they purchase than keeping city records. It can help you find your pet if they’re ever lost. 

If your dog gets loose — the person who found them could see their name, the DocuPet number to call, a Website for their online profile and the code linked to their records. 

DocuPet says they’ve already had several dogs and families reunited thanks to the “Home Safe” function — that won’t cost extra after you license your dog. The year-round pet-finding service is included.

To license your dog or renew an expired license, head to or visit Office of the City Clerk located at 223 E. Washington St., from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Cost per dog:

  • Not spayed/neutered for one year: $20
  • Spayed/neutered for one year: $10
  • Not spayed/neutered for three years: $60
  • Spayed/neutered for three years: $30

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