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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For his rereading pleasure, Chuck Coon from Camillus saved a stack of Syracuse New Times.

Coon tells NewsChannel 9’s Andrew Donovan, “There’s just so many odds and ends that I really enjoyed. It was a fun paper to read.”

Coon enjoyed it so much that be bought a subscription in March, when the historically free magazine started charging $1 per issue. That wasn’t enough, because after ten paid issues, the paper went out of business.

“What they said was, it would take a few weeks, but you would get a refund for any unused issues that you didn’t receive,” Coon recalls.

Coon is still waiting for the $42 he’s owed for the 42 unprinted issues. His emails to the publication’s staff, listed on its website, haven’t been answered.

Coon isn’t alone. Other former subscribers have shared similar concerns with the Your Stories team, including the son of 99-year-old Violet in Oswego County. He writes that while it’s not a huge amount, the lack of response from the publisher is disturbing.

Michele and Joe Corbin claimed they called the New Times four times and never got the promised call back.

Chuck Coon says, “If they’ve got some really good reason why they haven’t done it yet, if it’s being held up for whatever reason, that’s fine. I would just like to see some response from them.”

NewsChannel 9’s Andrew Donovan has been able to get the answers the customers haven’t.

New Times Publisher Bill Brod tells NewsChannel 9 that the company spent all of its money to get out the initial ten copies.

He adds that now cash is flowing in again from other parts of the company, those refunds should start going out. Brod promises there’s no pot of money sitting there unused.

Brod says he’s willing to hear from customers who want their refunds.

His direct contact information is (315) 422-7011 ext. 138 and

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