SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Flight delays and cancellations are never convenient, especially when they surround your wedding.

Sara Hall was scheduled to fly out of Syracuse Friday morning for her wedding in Las Vegas. When she booked the flight months ago through the brand new airline service, Breeze, it worked perfectly as they offered direct flights from Hancock International to Las Vegas.

It wasn’t until the night before that she ran into turbulence.

“Yesterday all day they were sending me text messages to check in for my flight and then in the middle of the night after we were sleeping they had messaged me that our flight was cancelled.”

“There were no delays, just a cancel. No rhyme or reason” She said.

There was no number listed for her to call, only the option to send a Facebook message or an email, which took hours to hear back from.

“There is no contact number you can message them via Facebook or email them,” she said, “We waited hours to get a response and it was pretty generic so they were just offering us a $50 voucher that we are never going to use, there was no one to help us rebook or look for something else.”

The money spent on the flight is the least of Hall’s concerns. She now has to deal with a change in venue for the wedding, cancel transportation, as well as dinner and hotel reservations.

“We are supposed to be getting married, now there is a complete change of plans,” she said.

“There is money spent, there’s a venue that has been cancelled, a photographer that has been cancelled, transportation, our hotel, we cant check in.”