SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – As the votes from the midterm election on November 8 are still being counted, we’re being asked to dive deeper into the numbers.

Anita writes, “What percentage of voters in Onondaga County voted in the midterm election?”

She also is hoping for a breakdown of the voters by age and party.

Anita really wants to drill down on the voters!

Dusting Czarny with the Onondaga County Board of Elections says that it looks like 55 to 60 percent of registered voters in the county voted.

That number includes early and mail-in ballots.

That number though is preliminary. A final tally is expected in late November once the election is certified.

As for the comparison to previous years. The record for voter turnout is 77 percent for the presidential election of 2020.

Here’s how this year’s 55 to 60 percent ranks when compared to other midterm election years:

  • 2018- 62 percent
  • 2014- 50 percent
  • 2010- 53 percent

As for the age and party breakdown, that won’t be available until all of the votes have been counted and the results certified.

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