SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Viewers have been contacting NewsChannel 9 about where they can get their kids, who are under the age of 5, vaccinated.

After doing some research, Onondaga County has said that healthcare providers will need to turn to the New York State Health Department for guidance. The state sent providers information on Wednesday night which included instructions on ordering COVID-19 vaccines.

The Onondaga County Executive’s Office said they will not be holding a vaccine clinic for this age group at this time.  “The federal government has said that the priority for distributing the vaccine for the 5 and under age group will be through their pediatricians so at this point the County will not be having any vaccine clinics. That being said, should there be a need for the County to re-establish a clinic, we will absolutely get one up and running without delay. It should also be noted that the availability of the vaccine is now so widespread that folks can go pretty much to any pharmacy to get the shot, but again the federal government has emphasized that for this age group the priority will be with the pediatrician so there can be a conversation between the parent and the doctor regarding the vaccine and the importance of vaccination against COVID-19. “

We also reached out to Kinney Drugs to see if they would be administering the vaccine, a spokesperson responded with, “This is welcome news and we plan to administer the latest vaccine to the new younger age bracket however we are still solidifying our timelines and distribution plans.”

An employee with Walgreens said their James Street and Fayetteville locations will administer the vaccines once they get them.

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