SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The pain at the pump is showing no signs of easing. Gas prices are still climbing in Central New York, despite the state and county gas tax suspension in place.

Some of you have taken your concerns about price gouging to the Your Stories team. NewsChannel 9 spoke to an expert at GasBuddy for some clarity.

After he filled up over the weekend and looked at the total amount he spent on gas, Dick Cauchon of Manlius, was worried he might be the victim of price gouging.

With the price variability, you wonder if everybody’s working as hard as they can to keep the price down. I reached out because I had an experience where I thought the price of the gallon I paid was ridiculous compared to what I thought I was paying.”


With prices at the pump still jumping by the minute, Cauchon said it’s easy to think price gouging could be happening with the ever-changing market!

I think that it’s just the human nature. I think each of us has a greed component and if you’re in an area where you could do whatever you want in a sense, you could price it high, price it low…They have to make a profit every step of the way, but there’s always that question mark.


According to Expert Energy Analyst at GasBuddy, Patrick De Haan, Central New York gas stations do not appear to be guilty of gouging and overcharging customers.

“As an analyst, I get to see and know what these stations are paying. So, I can look and say, “okay, I know what they’re paying. Are they paying too much?” It doesn’t look like any of the stations we track in Syracuse today are above where they should be.”


So, what should drivers be on the lookout for when filling up your tank? De Haan gives some insight…

“If there’s a station 30 cents above its neighbor or it’s an extremely high amount, it looks like most stations in Syracuse are about $4.93…If you see a station that’s 50 cents above that at $5.53, that’s when you go, ‘hmm, that seems really weird that there’s one station charging way more than everyone else.’ That’s more of an accurate example of what price gouging is,” De Haan explained.

Like other experts, De Haan wants to reassure drivers there are benefits to the New York State and Central New York counties’ gas tax suspension.

According to GasBuddy, Syracuse prices have gone up 7 cents a gallon just in the last week. The national average has jumped 24 cents.

So, without the gas tax cap in place, prices could have easily gone up about 20 to 35 cents more per gallon without it, according to De Haan.

The NYS gas tax suspension is in effect until the end of 2022. Experts say we could see the price for a gallon of gas hit $6.00 by the end of the summer.

According to AAA, a regular gallon of gas costs $4.92 in Syracuse as of Wednesday. That’s up 10 cents from Tuesday.

The average price in New York is inching even closer to $5.00 a gallon, now sitting at a brutal $4.98.

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