(WSYR-TV) — Tawny Moeller is a new mom. Her son, Grey is 7-months-old. She calls him her miracle baby.

“They told me for years that I wouldn’t have a kid,” Moeller said. “And I had him. He was very eager to come into the world. He was due on Halloween, he came early.”

Moeller says Grey is thriving and brings her so much joy, but finding the baby formula he needs has been impossible. Grey needs a hypoallergenic formula because he can’t digest milk proteins. She believes it’s hard to find because Similac was recalled in February.

“It’s so stressful because you go straight to the baby section and you see an empty shelf and panic starts to set in, because how am I going to feed my kid?”

Tawny Moeller, a mom from Fulton having trouble finding baby formula

As a single mom, Moeller has a hard time affording it. She does utilize programs like WIC in Oswego County, but even it doesn’t have supplies of this special formula. A small can costs her at least $33.

“He’ll go through eight, 10, 12 cans a month. If you add that up, it’s hundreds of dollars you have to pay out of pocket if you don’t have things like food stamps or the WIC program,” Moeller added, “The stores that accept these things don’t have the formula.”

She hopes speaking out can make a difference somehow.

“Maybe this story can touch another mom that’s going through the same thing and let her know she’s not alone,” Moeller said choking back tears.

Diane Cooper-Currier, the Executive Director of Oswego County Opportunities Inc., which oversees the Oswego County WIC office, said there is a supply issue with hypoallergenic formulas. Cooper-Currier said, “Parents should really work with their healthcare provider to find an option for the hypoallergenic formula or alternative food option based on the specific needs of their child.”

We reached out to a number of stores to check their supplies.

Wegmans released this statement: “Ongoing supply chain challenges coupled with a recent recall has caused supply constraints to baby formula across all retailers. While we may not have every brand or variety available, we continue to receive shipments of baby formula to our stores on a regular basis. We will continue working hard to ensure we have product available for our customers in this category.”

Information from Kinney Drugs: “Kinney Drugs stores are currently in good stock position for all but four specific baby formula items. I am very proud of our entire buying team, that worked diligently to overcome pandemic-related supply chain constraints across our business,” said John Marraffa, R.Ph., President. “For baby formula, they also dealt with the added challenge of a February manufacturer’s recall on specific Similac powdered baby formula. They’ve done a superior job getting our customers the products they need when they need them in very challenging circumstances.” 

Information from Price Chopper: The manufacturers continue to face difficulties getting all retailers some of their products and we are doing everything possible to work with them and find alternative products, where available.

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