SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Some fans of Morgan Wallen are remembering the concert at St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview for the wrong reasons.

Several people contacted the Your Stories team and shared that their bank flagged suspicious activity on their card during and after the sold-out show on Friday night.

One concertgoer, Nicholas Gross, shared that he bought snacks before the opening act and was quickly alerted that something was wrong. “Right before Morgan actually went on, I went to go buy merchandise, and I found out my card was locked, my debit card. So I had to use my other card,” said Gross.

Gross received a call from his bank around midnight that said there was an $80 unauthorized charge on the card he used for snacks. The next morning, his bank said that there were a handful of charges from around the world on his other card.

Gross had to cancel his charged card. He also said that two friends he was there with also had their accounts frozen and had to cancel cards — but with the amount of people in attendance, there could be a lot more who had information compromised.

There were 18,000 people there, and we were all shoulder to shoulder in the lawn. You know, there was no space to move. So if someone just kind of walked their way through the crowd with a card skimmer, they could have got 100, 200 people’s information that way.

Nicholas Gross, concertgoer

Gross considers himself lucky because his bank was open on the weekend. “Someone that doesn’t regularly check their account or someone whose bank doesn’t watch for that… it could’ve gone way farther,” he said.

The Onondaga County Executive’s Office share that they are looking into the issue.

As scary as having your credit and debit card information stolen is, there are ways prevent serious damage. Your bank will likely warn you of unauthorized purchases like Gross’ did, but you should still regularly check your transactions online for ones you didn’t approve. You can also protect some of your cards with special sleeves that prevent wireless readers from accessing the card.