SYRACUSE, N.Y. You ask, we answer!

Unwanted calls have some viewers calling and emailing the Your Stories Team wanting to know how to stop the ringing.

Viewer, Judy Catalfino, sent the following question to the YS Team:

Is there a way to stop Spam Risk calls? We get them 5 or 6 times a day and even sometimes several in an hour. It has become harassment.

The Federal Trade Commission has some great resources on its website to try and stop unwanted calls.

Perhaps the first step, is to make sure you are registered on the National Do Not Call Registry.

You can register your landline and your cell phone.

Important note, the registry is designed to stop sales calls from real companies. The FTC said it can’t block calls and the registry won’t stop scammers or some of those dreaded recorded robocalls.

You can also visit the National Do Not Call Registry to report unwanted calls.

The FTC said the best defense to stopping unwanted calls is call blocking. When it comes to blocking calls, such as spam, scams and illegal robocalls, the FTC has this helpful website with tips and videos.

The videos will show how you can take steps to try and block unwanted calls on cell phones and landlines.

New York recently took steps to curb unwanted calls from telemarketers. In December, legislation was signed, giving customers the option to be added to the company’s do-not-call list at the beginning of certain telemarketing calls.