(WSYR-TV) — NewsChannel 9 received multiple calls Tuesday about a police escort caravan on Interstate 81 and I-481.  

It was in front of an oversized load which looked to be carrying a plane wing. Well, NewsChannel 9 found answers. 

We spoke with Jack Keller, the public information officer of the New York State Police, and he tells NewsChannel 9 that the oversized load was actually a one of series of windmill blades heading to the wind turbine in Copenhagen. When our camera was behind the escort, the caravan was on I-481 South. Trooper Keller says that the large load is required to have at least a three-car police escort and required to take a specific route. 

This is also nothing new. According to the State Police, the transportation of the blades has been going on for a few weeks. 

According to the EDF Renewables website, the wind farm in Copenhagen “consists of 40 turbines and 2 MW turbines manufactured by Vestas Wind Systems A/S and became operational in December 2018.  The Project benefits from a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement with Narragansett Electric Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Grid.” 

They say the electricity generated from the farm is enough to meet the “consumption of up to 35,000 average homes.”