CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You ask, we answer!

Viewer Josh Nelson, wanted to know about the construction site on Henry Clay Blvd near Route 31.

This is the future home of the Clay Marketplace featuring David’s Landing. The Syracuse Reality Group is behind the development.

Its Managing Member, Ozzie Crisalli, said the 15 acre site will feature two apartment buildings and three commercial buildings.

Courtesy of Syracuse Realty Group.

Crisalli said each apartment building will have 48 apartments. He said one and two bedroom, pet friendly units will be available for lease.

He said the commercial buildings will consist of restaurants, retail and office space.

This location is located about two miles from the future Micron development.

Crisalli said the Clay Marketplace had been in the works for about three years, but the Micron news put the project in high gear. He said interest from businesses and future tenants increased once Micron made it’s historic commitment to Central New York.

Crisalli said site work at the property began in January. He added construction on the first commercial and apartment buildings is set to begin in April. He’s hopeful the first two buildings will be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

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