(WSYR-TV) — You ask, we answer!

Jon Conlon wrote the Your Stories Team asking about the iconic swans in the Village of Manlius.

Manlius is known for its two famous swans, Manny and Faye. Everyone looks forward to the new baby swans hatching each year…Is it too late in the season to expect any baby swans?

Central New York loves Manny and Faye. You can see this dynamic duo in the Manlius Swan Pond off Fayette Street near the village offices. Swans have been a fixture in Manlius for decades. A swan logo is prominently displayed on village signs.

The village signs in Manlius, proudly displaying a swan

Jon and other Manlius residents will be happy to learn that the swan family has recently grown. Our photographer captured four baby swans in the pond on Tuesday. Manlius Mayor, Paul Whorrall said the cygnets were born late last week.

Due to fertility issues, this is the first time in three years Manny and Faye welcomed new cygnets. Whorrall said to solve the fertility issues, Manny was sent to Cornell College of Veterinarian Medicine to be examined.

The mayor said the new swans will live in the swan pond for about a year, before being transferred to a farm in Pennsylvania. He said because New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation considers mute swans an invasive species, the village is only allowed to keep Manny and Faye.  Whorrall said the DEC regulates Manlius’ swan program and the village has to apply every year to keep the swans.

Manny and Faye made headlines several years ago when village residents and other Central New Yorker’s rallied to keep the swans. Whorrall said the DEC received letters from all over the country, pleading with the agency to allow the swans to stay in Manlius.