SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You ask, we answer!

The Your Stories Team has received several questions about the latest guidance on COVID-19 booster shots.

A viewer named Michael said he was turned away from his pharmacy when he tried to get a second bivalent booster. Michael was hoping for a second booster shot because it had been six months since he received his first.

The latest updated booster, which targets the original COVID-19 strain and the omicron variant, was made available in September of last year.

As it stands currently, a second bivalent booster has not been approved by the FDA and CDC.

Dr. Stephen Thomas, Global Health Director at SUNY Upstate, said in a recent interview with NewsChannel 9 that updated guidance on a second bivalent booster could be coming soon.

“It seems both the FDA and CDC advisory groups are poised to recommend that certain populations consider a second bivalent booster,” Dr. Thomas said.

Dr. Thomas said the recommendation will likely only be for those 65 and older or those with an underlying medical condition that makes a person more susceptible to COVID-19.

Even if a second bivalent booster is approved, Dr. Thomas said there’s been some debate on whether or not a person should get it.

“The debate is basically, is another booster going to move the needle that much?” Dr. Thomas Said.

He added that his personal opinion is for someone 65 and older or a person who has a chronic disease that makes them more susceptible to COVID, should get the second booster when it’s made available. But, Dr. Thomas recommended a person ask their primary care doctor when it’s time to make that decision.

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