SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – You ask, we answer!

Viewer Debbie Cifaratta recently contacted the Your Stories Team wanting more information on Syracuse’s speed hump pilot program.

How can a neighborhood request/qualify to have the humps installed? Is a speed study required?

The pilot program started last year in attempt to decrease speed and increase safety for people walking.

The City recently added another 11 speed humps, for a total of 16.

Sr. Public Information Officer for Mayor Ben Walsh, Brooke Schneider, said the pilot program does not install speed humps by request.

“Locations are selected by the DPW and consulting traffic engineers to ensure the best locations for the pilot program to study,” Schneider wrote an email.

The City uses radar to see if the speed humps slow drivers down and to study the impact on nearby streets.

“This data is taken at the location of each speed hump and parallel streets, to allow the City to monitor any changes to the street network both where the speed hump is installed but also side streets around it,” Schneider wrote.

Cifaratta also wondered if the speed humps impact plowing operations for the City.

“Several speed humps were installed last year and held up well throughout the winter. The speed humps are designed to work with our existing snow operations,” Schneider wrote.

Following the pilot extension, a final Determination of Effectiveness is anticipated in Winter 2023.

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