(WSYR-TV) — The Your Stories Team was recently asked about the latest plans for the vacant Bird’s Nest Motel located on E Genesee Street in the Town of Skaneateles. We have learned there are some big changes to a big plan to redevelop the property.

The Bird’s Nest Motel was up and running for decades. It has been closed for several years. In 2016, developer Rick Moscarito purchased the property. He planned to demolish the motel and build Skaneateles Springs, a tourist destination, complete with a hotel, spa, restaurant, and cottages.

The project was delayed for years. Moscarito said it was always contingent on the Town of Skaneateles water line upgrades. He said those upgrades took years to finish and the project was impacted by the pandemic.

Moscarito said the original plan has been scrapped. He said the plan now is to build upscale extended stay rooms that will include four buildings and a centralized clubhouse. The development is still in the planning phase.

Moscarito said the new plan is more suitable to the current in need in Skaneateles and his company Finger Lakes Luxury Vacation Rentals specializes in upscale extended-stay locations.

Moscarito said he did not know when construction would begin. His company has several other projects it must complete before attention turns to transforming the Bird’s Nest Motel.