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A viewer reached out the Your Stories Team wondering if there was a way to buy a NYS Fair admission ticket without the added fee.

He took issue with the Fair saying tickets are $6, when that’s not really the case.

A spokesperson with the NYS Fair said no matter how you buy tickets (online or at the gate), fees are applied.

With Fair admission and parking being cashless, the state has partnered with third-party vendor Etix to handle the sales.

We’re not talking about a huge fee, but we are living in a time of high inflation, meaning every penny counts.

On it’s website, The NYS Fair lists the added fees you’ll see at checkout:

With fees, the total cost to patrons will be $6.28 per ticket admission$20.59 for the Frequent Fairgoer option, and $10.37 for parking per vehicle.

The fees are a tad heftier when you purchase “Ride All Day” wristbands for the Midway.

Add another $2.59 to a $35 weekday wristband and $2.69 for a $45 weekend wristband.

According to the website: Each wristband includes a FunTagg e-ticket activation fee and Innovative Ticketing convenience fee (applied at checkout). Charge will appear as “Innovative Ticketing.”

When asked about the surcharges applied to admission, parking and Midway wristbands, the Fair sent the following statement:

In regard to considering surcharge fees with third-party ticket vendors, the Department of Agriculture and Markets conducts a formal bid to select who gets the project.

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