SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Last November, The Your Stories Team was the first to tell you about a plan to bring Starbucks to the Town of Salina.

It would be the first Starbucks for the town.

Viewer Donna Luce recently wrote the YS Team hoping for an update, asking:

I was wondering if there is any update on the new Starbucks that was to be built on Buckley Road, just off the 7th North Street and Bucky Road intersection?

Town of Salina Planning and Development Director Mark Lafaver, said as far as he knows the plan to bring a Starbucks to the corner of Elwood Davis and Buckley Roads is still a go.

Lafaver said nothing official has been brought to the town’s planning board, however, he’s been in contact with the property owner and the plan hasn’t changed.

The Your Stories Team contacted Starbucks and the property owner for an update, but we have not heard back yet.

While this vacant parking lot sits empty for now, there is movement on two other Starbucks locations in Onondaga County.

Construction is underway on the site of the former Applebees in Camillus, and there’s movement in Manlius, where one is being built near Cafe Kabul in the village.

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