SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– An update on a popular cut-through in Clay that has been cut off since last fall.

A few of our viewers have contacted the YS Team wanting an update on this road project.

Why is a section of Gaskin Road still down to one lane? When will construction begin?

A portion of Gaskin Road between Highway 31 and Route 57 has been closed since November.

The portion of the road is situated practically on the bank of the Seneca River. The riverbank is eroding, causing the pavement to buckle.

Town of Clay Supervisor Damian Ulatowski said the town has the construction plan ready to go and wants to get the project out to bid. He said the issue the town is running into is it’s not the town’s land to dig on.

Ulatowski said the crews will need to move the utility poles from the river side of the road to the other side. For that to happen, crews will need to dig on New York State Canal Corporation property. The town is working with the canal corporation to gain permission.

Ulatowski said the project also needs easement access to relocate the utility poles. He said the process to work with homeowners to gain access is already in the works but is taking longer than anticipated.

Given the current delays, Ulatowski said the hope now is to finish construction before winter.

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