SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You ask, we answer!

Several viewers have contacted the Your Stories Team wondering if a decision has been made by the NYSDOT to reopen exit 24A off I-81 northbound.

The Onondaga Lake Parkway exit closed in April for repairs and never reopened.

In June, As part of an announcement addressing the increasing number of trucks hitting the CSX railroad bridge over Onondaga Lake Parkway in the Town of Salina, the DOT said it would not reopen the ramp to Onondaga Lake Parkway for an indefinite period of time as engineers study the traffic pattern.

The DOT said it has not made a decision if and when it will reopen the exit. The agency sent the Your Stories Team the following statement:

The State Department of Transportation continues to monitor the traffic conditions and data since the implementation of the new measures on the Onondaga Lake Parkway. Overall, the number of over-height activations and westbound bridge strikes is down, and there were no strikes from the beginning of May until the recent strikes in the eastbound direction.

The YS Team was also asked by viewers about the construction barrels near the train bridge that limit traffic to one lane in each direction. The viewers wanted to know if the barrels would remain during the winter months when plows need to clear the parkway.

For the winter, we are evaluating options and will have a viable plan in place prior to the upcoming snow and ice season,” A spokesperson for NYSDOT said in an email to NewsChannel 9.

We’ll keep tabs on this closure and update you as soon as a decision is announced.