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Since our first Your Stories Q&A on the Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit (HTRC), we have heard from viewers wondering when they will receive their check and if they qualify. This is a one time rebate that’s separate from the STAR credit.

Bob Parry writes the Your Stories Team:

Several of our friends received their rebates, but we did not. Do you have any idea when we could get ours?

According to New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance, nearly two million checks were mailed to homeowners in June. The office says another 500,000 homeowners are expected to receive a check, but the department is waiting on school tax data before those rebates are mailed.

“If you don’t receive your check by early July, you can expect to receive it before your school tax bill is due,” James Gazzale, a public information officer with the taxation and finance department, wrote in an email.

Eligibility for the Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit:

  • Qualified for a 2022 STAR credit or exemption.
  • Income less than or equal to $250,000 for the 2020 income tax year.
  • A school tax liability for the 2022-2023 school year that is more than your 2022 STAR benefit.

Where can I check to see if I am going to get a check:

If you’re still waiting, the state’s Department of Taxation and Finance has a website homeowners can use to see how much of a credit they’ll receive. However, a spokesperson with that department said it will not tell you when you will get the credit in the mail, just the amount you will receive or have received.

You can also call the Department of Taxation and Finance at 518-457-2036.

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