SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, that gas prices here in NY are on the way up again.

According to AAA, the average for a gallon of regular gas sits near $3.90 a gallon. That’s up nearly $.30 from one month ago, when the average was $3.62.

Why are gas prices on the rise once again here in NY?

For that answer, NewsChannel 9 went to Patrick De Haan, who is the Head Petroleum Analyst for GasBuddy.

De Haan said gas supply in the northeast is extremely tight. He said there’s not enough refining capacity in the northeast to keep up with demand.

He said that our region relies heavily on imported gas from other regions of the country and overseas.

“If those imports don’t come or competing for those imports, it’s going to be very difficult. The Northeast has the population 10x the Rocky Mountain region for comparison but has about the same amount of refining capacity,” De Haan said.

De Haan said it’s hard to predict long-term gas prices going forward, due to the extreme volatility of the current market, but he said NY is likely to see a continued climb in the near future.