SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A letter in your mailbox might be the first time you’re learning about the company Practice Resources, LLC. What does the company do exactly?

“Practice Resources is a medical billing company,” said President and CEO David Barletta. “We do medical billing for several physician practices in Central New York.”

The letter is an incident notice that Practice Resources was subject to a ransomware attack. Many viewers contacted the Your Stories team to see if this letter was in fact legitimate.

“Unfortunately, it’s not a scam,” Barletta explained. “This really did happen in April — there was a ransomware attack on our system. We brought in forensic accountants and forensic information teams to come and look at what happened.”

Practice Resources mailed 940,000 letters. You might receive more than one.

“It does take a long time because each client has hundreds of thousands of patients maybe,” Barletta explained. “We have several large clients that really bore the brunt of this.”

Barletta said the impacted information includes name, address, account number, and maybe the dates you were seen by a provider.

“There were no patient social security numbers that were taken. No medical record information was taken. We really, just out of an abundance of caution, felt that it was necessary that we provide them with credit monitoring for a year — just in case.”

David Barletta, Practice Resources, LLC President and CEO

You can find the list of healthcare entities impacted here.