(WSYR-TV) — Today’s question takes us to an historic site in the Town of Salina.  

Is there an update on the old Will and Baumer candle factory? 

NewsChannel 9 found out there’s a multi-million-dollar plan to preserve the history and give it new life. The old factory located at 100 Buckley Road near Old Liverpool Road has been vacant for years. Pascarella Development purchased the property in 2021.  

It has a three-phase plan for the property. Apartments, a rec or sports complex, office space and a brewery and pizza restaurant. The first phase calls for a 100-unit multi-family lofts. It will be called Will and Baumer’s Urban Village.  

One of the big questions: will the candle smokestack be part of the plan?  

The vice president of Pascarella says it hopes to preserve that structure and maintain the historic value. It could be the site for the brewery and pizza restaurant. Construction on phase one is slated to start this summer with hopes of it being complete by mid 2024.  

The other phases still need approval, and it could take five to six years to finish the entire project. 

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