Onondaga, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Onondaga County Legislator David Knapp heard and saw your concerns about trash on Rock Cut Road and 481. He shares them too.

“It’s depressing.” Knapp said. “It really is.”

When the 81 project gets underway, the area is going to get even more traffic.

“The 481 Corridor is going to be the main thoroughfare through Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse. That’s going to be folks first impression of our community and this just can’t be what they see.”

David Knapp, Onondaga County Legislator

Knapp represents District 12, which is about a mile away from the area in question. He’s also heard from his constituents about it and decided to meet with County Executive Ryan McMahon, Monday.

“He recognizes the problem too. He called the Hire Ground program and we deployed them out there. They got out here very quickly,” Knapp said.

Crews picked up 1,807 gallons of trash on Tuesday. While it’s a lot, there’s still more trash that needs to be cleaned up. So Knapp is looking into long term solutions.

“Talk to the Sheriff’s office about maybe having a car around the steam plant more often to catch folks as a deterrent,” Knapp said.

He also plans to talk with OCRRA about what more they can do.

“We need to address it long term,” he said.

Legislator Knapp spoke with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s office. He says the Under Sheriff plans to increase police presence in the around the Steam Plant.

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