Your Stories: What’s the plan for Electronics Parkway project during Syracuse Nationals?

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SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The season-long construction project on Electronics Parkway in the Town of Salina is only halfway done, but the Syracuse Nationals come to town next week.

Several people who come to the show with their cool cars and hot rods stay in that area’s hotels and cruise that road at night.

The Onondaga County DOT Commissioner says they have a plan to handle both the project and the car enthusiasts.

Marty Voss says, “We have three priorities at DOT: Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. So when we’re doing a major infrastructure project, we want to be as aggressive and thorough as we can in getting our work done to get the best product we can for the taxpayer,s but we’re also part of the, this community and we want to put our best foot forward and be partners with organizations that bring in large numbers of visitors to Syracuse and CNY for events like the Syracuse Nationals.”

He says this is a project that has been in the works for a few years, and now getting to the construction stage and always intended to last the entire construction season.

The project will widen lanes, narrow medians, put in sidewalks and even synchronize traffic lights on Electronics Parkway from Hopkins Road to Old Liverpool Road.

“The Holiday Inn on Electronics Parkway is really the epicenter of Syracuse Nationals and we’re aware of that, we’re cognizant of that and that’s why we wrote it into our contract that the contractor will shut down from the 18th to the 21st next week when the Nationals are in town,” Voss tells NewsChannel 9.

He adds that specifically, that means full access in all directions to the roads and driveways in and out of the Holiday Inn and making them as safe and passable as they can for drivers.

“I don’t remember who said trust but verify, but we trust our contractors as much as we can but we also verify everything they are required to do and say they’re going to do. So, in this case, I’ve had my engineers out there this week keeping an eye on it and talking to them as recently as yesterday to make sure that next Wednesday close of business that needs to be safe and open and they need to pull all the equipment out of there for the duration of the Nationals,” he says.

The plan is to have work wrapped up probably early evening Wednesday, July 17 and making sure everything is in as good a shape as it can be mid-construction project.

Voss says if the contractor does not abide by the language in the deal there are penalties written in the document.

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