SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — While some people are out boating on the water, catching up on errands and off from school, others are hard at work in their offices on the Monday Juneteenth is observed.

Some people have written NewsChannel 9’s Your Stories team, asking specifically why Oswego County and Town of Manlius offices are open.

Juneteenth was declared both a federal and state holiday in 2021.

Because the holiday is so new, some organizations haven’t added it to their calendars.

A spokesperson for Oswego County tells NewsChannel 9: “Holidays are subject to collective bargaining within labor contracts. As Juneteenth is a newly recognized holiday, it has not been a part of these negotiations.”

The Pew Research Center writes: “At the state level, at least 24 states and the District of Columbia will legally recognize Juneteenth as a public holiday this year – meaning state government offices are closed and state workers have a paid day off…”

Private employers aren’t required to recognize the holiday, either. Similarly, their workers’ unions can negotiate the day be added to the observation calendar.

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