SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse University is reporting a trio of car thefts on the Hill and believe the dangerous viral TikTok trend is to blame. The trend challenges teens to steal Hyundai and Kia vehicles using a USB cord.

It happened late last month to Fran Garcia of Syracuse. Garcia said her home security camera captured four people stealing her Kia SUV. The car has since been recovered by police, but it doesn’t have a happy ending.

Just a week ago, on April 27 NewsChannel 9 shared Garcia’s story after she reached out to NewsChannel 9 about her 2019 Kia Sportage being stolen right from her driveway.

On Saturday, April 29, two weeks after it was stolen, Syracuse Police recovered Garcia’s car. It was found sitting in a deserted parking lot, on Syracuse’s Northside behind the former Community Bakery on Butternut Street.

“There was a second stolen Kia that was recovered. It was parked next to ours and she told us the condition,” said Garcia.

Garcia was told by the officer that there was no damage to the outside.

“When she told us the outside, mechanically outside, you know everything looked good. There was no damage to the outside. So we were really relieved about that,” said Garcia.

But the inside was in rough shape. Trash and tobacco were laying everywhere, and it reeked. Wires had been ripped out, some of them hanging from the front steering wheel. The license plates were also stolen and the door locks were broken. The steering column was also torn up.

“It was hard for us to see it like that,” said Garcia.

Garcia’s Kia was towed to K & C Auto Body & Service Center in Solvay and will remain there until the insurance appraiser takes a look at it. The car will then be towed to a Kia dealer and could stay there for quite some time. Garcia says she was told the parts for the steering column are on backorder and may not be available for another month, or two.

“It’s just all of the stuff that goes along with it,” said Garcia.

Garcia says that even though her Kia was recovered, the entire ordeal still keeps her up at night.

“I am always looking out the window to see if our other car is there. Its very unsettling,” said Garcia.

In the meantime, Garcia has to pay out of her own pocket for a new E-Z Pass and license plates. She will also have to pay out of her own pocket again, for the insurance deductible

Garcia says she is doing her best to remain positive and be patient, but it’s been tough.